Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alyssa’s Arrival January 07, 1990

Memoir Story written by Audrey Kaminski

Nov. 15th, 2001

Our oldest son Eddie was living in San Diego, California with his wife Carole and their son Christopher. Carole was expecting another child. The delivery was scheduled for about January 14th by Caesarean section. Knowing this I arranged my flight schedule for that date and a three week stay. Thinking everything was under control we went on with our life. We offered our younger son some help to get his home painted inside for the house to be sold His wife was pregnant also.

Then we heard our son Eddie had become very ill with pneumonia and had to be placed in a hospital. We were assured he was being well cared for. After that we heard Christopher was ill with the flu and his mother was taking care of him. Carole had family and friends in California so I thought I would stick to my original plans and leave in one week because I thought Carole’s surgery was going to be the biggest problem.

My husband and I were busy painting in Allan’s house in Eldersburg. Then we got a call from Eddie from his hospital room. He wanted to tell us Carole had gone into labor and was rushed to the same hospital where he was staying. He had to wear an oxygen mask most of the time. He was worried about their 2 year old son who was staying with friends and would be missing his parents. So I told him I would be there as soon as possible. The next flight to San Diego was 7 a.m. the next morning. On our way home we stopped at a couple of grocery stores as they were closing, to pick up some TV meals and other things for my husband while I was away. He was going to fly to California later and visit our daughter before coming to San Diego. I was up late packing my bag and had to leave early for the airport.

When I arrived in San Diego one of Carole’s friends was standing in the airport with a sign that read,Grandmother Kaminski. I knew I was in the right place. She took me to the hospital to visit Carole, Baby Alyssa and Eddie.

Then we went home to Christopher. Carole’s mother had arrived before me. I was glad to see her. We were both needed. One could not have done it alone. Eddie had to be picked up from the hospital, groceries had to be bought and Christopher had to taken care of. Eddie asked me to drive him to the drug store for his medication. It was the first time I had ever drove a large van. It felt like a Mac truck. I asked him, how did I do. His answer was, not so good. After all it had been many years since I drove a gear shift vehicle and what’s a few jerks.

Every thing was starting to come together. Every one was on their way to recovery. Carole’s mother and I became very good friends. Carole arrived home with a beautiful granddaughter to go with our precious grandson. It couldn’t be better. Alyssa had a rough beginning but I’m happy to say things have been normal ever since. Now Alyssa is 11 years old. Thank goodness it will be a few years before she starts driving and dating.

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