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Mark’s Bike Accident 2002

Mark’s Bike Accident 2002

On Monday October 14th, after a visit with two of my remaining aunts, I felt sad to see how the years have taken its toll on their health. I remember these ladies as strong and robust. After a long drive home we were passing the Baptist Church on Vale Road near were we live. There were many lights blinking. Then we could see an ambulance, fire truck and police car leaving the parking lot. Thinking someone had become ill at the church we continued on. Little did we know that our nine-year-old grandson had just been put on a helicopter in route to John Hopkins Hospital?

After we arrived at home we learned Mark had collided with a small truck while riding his bike on Red Pump Road. As his parents were driving to the hospital Mark’s mother called us on her cell phone. She tried to reassure us that they thought he would be all right. Mark received a gash on his forehead that caused much bleeding. Later, his mother Nancy told us that when they reached him laying in the street his head was covered with blood. When the paramedics examined him they couldn’t tell how bad he was hurt. They said when a child receives a head injury the procedure is to send them to John Hopkins. At the hospital Mark received a few stitches in his forehead and was treated for scraps and bruises. His parents called to tell us that his head x-ray showed no serous injury and he could go home that night. Then, we were all able to have a peaceful sleep.

The next day when I saw him he was a mess. Mark looked like a truck had hit him. He was still wearing his hospital gown and his nose was swollen with a large sore across it. There were many scrapes and bruises and Mark looked exhausted. His parents thought it best to keep him home from school for a few days. I watched him on the two days his mom had to work. Mark has helped me to strongly believe in miracles. On Sunday, one day less then a week since his accident he was well enough to take on a short trip. Ed and I had promised to take him to Baltimore, to visit the Walters Art Museum to see the female mummy on display there. When we picked Mark up I couldn’t believe how good he looked. Many of the scabs on his face were gone and his nose was a normal size. When he returns to school his classmates will wonder if he did have an accident, except for the stitches in his forehead.

This same little boy at age eight years old in June 2001 was rushed to the hospital with a ruptured appendix. A condition that is very dangerous. I remember being in the hospital with the family when the surgeon told us he may have to remain there for five days. His parents were allowed to stay with him over night during this time. Mark recovered in three days and went home with a neat little incision. I hope he wears his battle scares well.

This story has a happy ending and this family is forever grateful. I hope in the future that the children and drivers will try to prevent as many accidents as they can. Our hearts go out to others living through such experiences. When a family pulls together it makes all the difference in the world.

Audrey Kaminski

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