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My Story About Laura November 3rd, 2001

Laura was born on August 8th, 1988. I can’t forget a date like that one, 8/8/88. She was over due and we were all waiting anxiously. One that morning Pop and I were having breakfast and we heard on the T.V. that a little princess was born in England. I thought to myself this would be a good day for our grandchild to be born.

I had a lot in common with Queen Elizabeth, we were close in age, our children were close in age and now our grandchildren are close in age. That was where the similarity ended.

Then our phone rang and I was disappointed to hear Nancy’s voice, thinking nothing has happened yet. Nancy announced she had just delivered a baby girl. What a shock! I had never received a call like that before. The father usually calls. My first question was “ What is our son Allan doing?” Her answer was he is holding his daughter. On our way to the hospital we decided to stop and buy some pretty little dresses. As we stood in the cashier’s line we looked a little conspicuous. Two senior citizens buying baby clothes seemed a little unusual.

We were asked if this was our first granddaughter and our answer was no, she was our third. The excitement was just as great. Laura has always been very close to us. Her parents lived in Eldersburg and later moved to Bel Air near us, in Brentwood Park. She was a pretty little girl with a head full of blonde curls. When she was 21 months old we took her to a family reunion. Her parents were at the hospital for the birth of her brother Michael. Laura made a big hit at the reunion.

My cousin’s husband said they would give anything to have a granddaughter like her because all their grandchildren turned out to be boys. On her second birthday I was recovering from a broken ankle. The party was held outside on the lawn. I tried to sit out of the way with my crouches. At this age Laura was very selective about whom she trusted. After she opened her gifts she brought the gifts to me to watch over them. I felt very honored she trusted me with all those great gifts. As she grew up there were the tonsil operation and the time she broke her wrist. It was a bad break, but she didn’t let it hold her down. Laura and her brothers often come to visit us. We have baked, sewed and did many crafts together.

Yeqr 2001:

A few years ago when she was younger she told me her favorite grandmother Mary was coming for a visit. I thought I would have some fun with her, so I told her I thought I was her favorite grandmother. Her answer to that was she had two favorite grandmothers. At Easter time to see Laura in her first pair of high heels on an egg hunt was a sight to see. She was determined to find her share of eggs. We are use to having her around; she pops in once in a while.

She often spends a night on the weekends and likes to sleeps with stuffed animals and an eye mask we got from British Airways for sleeping. She takes care of her breakfast and lunch and is an ideal guest. When she’s ready to go home it can be a sudden decision. She is now taking up acting and singing. Being a shy girl I think that is good for her. She works hard to succeed and wants to go to college to become a veterinarian. She and her family love pets and have a house full of them. Because I have allergies I told her I’m not comfortable in their house. Laura said in her sweet way “ Grandmother that is the way this house is. “Instead of being a vet I would like to see her become a teacher. She loves children and gets along very well with them. I intend to mind my own business and say nothing. Maybe she’ll read this story some day.

I’ll end Laura’s story on the note that there is no end. We will always hope she will pop in from time to time and that we will always be her other favorite grandparents.

Audrey Kaminski

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